From the Principal’s Desk – 07 September, 2017

Dear Parents,

It’s finally here! After all the practices, rehearsing of moves and singing of songs, the opening night of our school musicals is upon us…..

It’s amazing how suddenly when the students are exposed to the flashing lights, the huge stage, and a performance venue, they all up their game. I have long proclaimed how important the performing arts are for any school. The chance to see students excel in areas other than their academics is incredibly important. Even more vital is the chance for students to try something new – to have the opportunity to sing, dance and act in front of a live audience does wonders for anyone’s self-confidence. And each time I see a school production I am amazed at the new talent emerging and the new “diamonds in the rough”.

The Primary School production of “The Rocky Monster Show” has several cameos offering many students the chance to shine – and shine they do. Max as Professor Fenton, Daniel-Jackson as Mungo, Cal as Igor and Tilly as Rebecca Shelley are amongst some of the new discoveries this year and to have a production of over 140 students on stage at one time is by no means a small feat.

The High School production of “Little Shop of Horrors” has also produced some amazing new talent, Imaad as Seymour, Christine as Audrey, Dani as Mrs Mushnik, Filippo as the Dentist and of course our wonderful Sando as the talking plant – Audrey II, in addition to the remainder of the cast that number 27 students, all have worked incredibly hard to entertain our HBIS community for 3 nights.

There are many things we as a school may not be, but a place where students do not get an opportunity to be part of something of this nature is not one of them. I am proud of the staff who have worked long hours to cajole, inspire and often push kids to be better than they thought they could be, and I am proud of the students who have thrown themselves into this experience and have grown through the process in both confidence and ability. I am also proud that for the first time in our school’s history we have produced back to back productions in both the Primary and High Schools, and finally have been able to host our shows on our own campus!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank to the parents who have supported the school throughout this mammoth exercise and for continuing to support their children by preparing costumes and coming out in their droves to watch and applaud the efforts of our HBIS students.

I look forward to the next 5 nights of productions – hopefully you have all bought your tickets to at least one or both of our shows.

Kind regards,

Grant Ruskovich