From the Principal’s Desk – 31 August, 2017


Dear Parents,

There is much excitement in the air at HBIS at the moment, Phase 3 has started with a vengeance and we anticipate the project lasting 9-10 months depending on a variety of factors. The students and staff are working hard to put the finishing touches to the musicals “The Rocky Monster Show” and “Little Shop of Horrors”, and from what I have seen so far both shows promise to be a wonderful celebration of the unique talent that abounds with our students. It is of course Arbour week which means (among other things) we will be planting several new trees on our campus for future generations to enjoy.

All this activity has got me thinking of how far our school has come in the last couple of years and believe me there is much to celebrate. Just some of the achievements we have seen in the last 3 years have included:

  • providing a campus for ONE school – before, both the Primary and High Schools were on separate campuses and many people did not even connect the two as being part of one school
  • the introduction of our 4 new houses – Disa, Chapman, Sentinel and Dungeons, which has resulted in increased school pride
  • being clearer about our School identity – who we are, what we offer and what we stand for
  • passing the 400 mark for student enrolment
  • growing the High School by opening 2 classes in our Middle Years groups
  • employing over 55 members of staff who keep the school running inside and outside of the classroom
  • incorporating a successful Parent’s Association (PA) who work alongside the school to create a positive and effective school-parent partnership
  • seeing our bursary programme CHELO grow from strength to strength to offer previously disadvantaged students of Hout Bay an opportunity to study at HBIS
  • the introduction of the successful Real Madrid Foundation project which offers over 50 students from Hout Bay an opportunity to enjoy learning social skills through Football at our school – a programme entirely funded by HBIS (clothing, transport, equipment, coaches’ salaries etc.)
  • making a decision for HBIS to become an Apple partner school (the first step in overhauling the Technology skills offered at HBIS)
  • seeing HBIS make serious inroads in our attitude towards service – to each other, to our community and beyond
  • embracing the international mindedness that is the International Baccalaureate
  • the introduction of various online platforms to educate, inform, communicate etc. -mailchimp, Managebac for the IB courses, Moodle for HS, Engage for whole school management etc.
  • hosting for the first time ever on our own campus our PS and HS musicals
  • And finally seeing a multipurpose wing being built for our Junior school……

I could go on and on…… While I am fully aware that no school can ever claim to “have arrived”, as the constant changes require schools to adapt accordingly without changing who they are, it is important to celebrate the good and work on that which needs attention. Just every now and then, in the midst of everything that is going on, one needs to stop, take a breath and enjoy the success. In a world that is dominated by constant negative news reports, a little bit of sunshine can go along way….

Kind regards,

Grant Ruskovich