Stationery – Primary School

The stationery lists for 2018 for each year group can be found by clicking the relevant link at the bottom of this page.

For your convenience our local stationery supplier, Hout Bay Office National (HBON) has offered to put together stationery packs for you.
If you wish to purchase your stationery from HBON you can do so by clicking here this link will take you directly to their website where you will click on the relevant class/es for your child/ren and complete the online form, once completed click submit and your order will be sent to HBON. A confirmation will be emailed to you, your order will be packed and can be collected from HBON.  Payment can be made at the tills in store upon collection.

The HBON deadline for submission of the Stationery Forms is Thursday, 30 November, 2017.

Please note, parents are not required to use the services of HBON if you would prefer to source your child’s stationery yourself.

The school will not be collecting any stationery order forms this year.

Early Years and Junior Primary
Early Years and Junior Primary students bring their annual stationery pack to school with them on the “Meet the teacher day” on Tuesday, 16 January, 2018.
Please note that the stationery requested fulfills your child’s stationery needs for the entire year, so we request that you purchase all items and quantities listed.  The stationery is pooled and does not need to be labelled; in addition please do not worry about covering any of the exercise books as each year group will send home specific instructions for this inschoolstationary

Senior Primary
In order to limit costs this year we have decided that Senior Primary students will not need to purchase a years’ worth of stationery but rather a ‘starter pack’ to begin the year with.  We hope that this will also encourage the children to take more responsibility and care of their stationery.
Please be aware that this will mean that you will need to restock your child’s pencil case during the course of the year as and when necessary! All students’ stationery should be labelled.

Exercise books for Senior Primary
The quantities indicated on the stationery list will be sufficient for the entire year.  These should be brought to school on the first day and will be stored at school.  Exercise books may be covered in a ‘wrapping’ of the students’ choice.  Please DO NOT cover the books in plastic – once they have been correctly labelled they will be sent home if they need to be covered in plastic.


Early Years 1

Early Years 2