Parent’s Association

The Parent’s Association aims to encourage closer links between home, school and the larger community of Hout Bay through:

  1. representing the parents views at large and supporting the ethos of the school
  2. promoting positive close co-operation and communication between parents, school staff and school owners
  3. enhancing the education and well-being of the pupils of HBIS through mobilising parent involvement in school activities such as fundraising and events
  4. supporting the teachers and staff to promote the values, vision and public image of HBIS to the broader community

If you wish to talk to us, please email us on

The elected members for 2017

Junior Primary representatives:

Sieglinde McKeown is German and moved from New York to Cape Town in August 2015 with her South African husband and their three children. The older two are in the primary school and the youngest one is due to start at HBIS in a couple of years. Siggi’s professional background is in PR & Communications.

Becca Cullis and her husband James have three children in the Primary School – PYP5, PYP3 and EY1. She is from the UK and James grew up in Cape Town. She moved to South Africa in 2002. She and her family spent four years living in the States before settling in Hout Bay in 2012. Before children she balanced work in sport, environmental science and communications.

Senior Primary representatives:

Hans Piet and his family moved to Hout Bay early 2017. Together with his wife Babette van der Kloet, they have 3 children who are attending school at HBIS. Their eldest son is in MYC2 their daughter, PYP5 and son in PYP3. Originally Dutch, Hans moved to South Africa for the first time in 1997, and left in 2005 to work and live in Kenya, and returned to SA in 2013. After leaving a managerial position for strategic sales & marketing at a global ICT company in 2015, Hans moved into business development consultancy focusing on the ICT market in Sub-saharan Africa. Hans is passionate about technology and the opportunities it presents, and loves outdoor activities like cycling, canoeing and hiking.

Bal McDowall and her husband Magnus have two children, both of whom are at Hout Bay International School, in PYP3 and 4. Bal is originally from the UK and settled in Cape Town almost 10 years ago. Her background is in project management in the information technology division. Having worked for many years for an International company and traveled extensively with work she has an appreciation of diverse cultures and languages. She is excited by the opportunities that an international education affords our children in preparation for their future.

Middle Years representative:

Oonagh Hunter-Lynn  and her husband Bradley have two children at Hout Bay International School in PYP5 and MYC1. Oonagh is originally from Zimbabwe but has lived in England, the Netherlands, France and Singapore and now in Cape Town for 5 years. Oonagh worked for Starbucks in London and the Netherlands running logistics for promotions for the European, Middle Eastern and African supply chains. Oonagh has also worked as a teachers aid at an International PYP/IB school in Singapore for two years and is currently working in Hout Bay for a Financial Broker. She is a passionate advocate of the  IB PYP/MYP and DP programmes.

IGCSE representative:

Samantha Anson-Esparza is British and moved to Cape Town in December 2013 with her husband Alex and two children who are in MYC2 and IGCSE2 at HBIS. Samantha has a background in education, having taught originally in the UK for 14 years and then at a bilingual Montessori kindergarten during their time living in Zurich.

IB representative:

Iris Henkel  is a qualified teacher and sports scientist, as well as an events and project manager. Her passion for a tolerant, open minded society and her experience in CSR projects means she can support the PA team in many different areas. Iris and her husband Andreas have two boys. Johannes received his IB Diploma last year and is currently in Germany for his tertiary studies. Louis F is in his first year of the IB Diploma course. Iris is also the Chairperson of CHELO – Children of Hout Bay Education and Learning Opportunity. CHELO is the bursary programme of HBIS –