High School Textbooks

All High School students are required to purchase their own textbooks for their specific year groups as support material for each of their subjects. Students in MYC1-3 will use their books for a period of 12 months while students in the two year courses; IGCSE and textbooksIBDP, will use the same textbook for the duration of their course. Textbooks remain the sole property of each student and they assume full responsibility for this.

At the end of each year students will have an opportunity to sell their second hand textbooks to upcoming grades at a dedicated second hand textbook sale arranged by the School.

We strongly advise that students purchase electronic versions of each book as this will limit carrying huge loads to and from school each day. In addition it is, of course, more environmentally friendly!

Please ensure that you use the correct ISBN number when placing an e-book order. Should you wish to purchase hard copies of each book you can place your order through our local supplier CAXTONS who will ensure that you receive your textbooks. Please note that orders need to be placed by Friday, 03 November in order to receive them in January of 2018. To order online please click here.

For required textbook lists for each of the grades click below.


MYC 1 Textbook List


MYC 2 Textbook List


MYC 3 Textbook List


IGCSE Textbook List


IBDP Textbook List