Middle Years Curriculum

The Middle Years Curriculum is a three year course of study aimed at developing the skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete the IGCSE curriculum and IB Diploma Programme. It relies heavily on the approaches to teaching and learning as set forth by the IBO for their Middle Years Programme. It was developed by teachers using a top-down approach and then aligned with the Primary Years Programme using a bottom up approach.

The Middle Years Curriculum (MYC) shares the same philosophy as the Primary Years Programme (PYP). It is student-centered, aimed at developing the ‘whole child’ intellectually, socially, aesthetically and culturally. As the student matures, it is envisaged that they be provided with the opportunity to engage in a holistic curriculum that stresses the importance of interdisciplinary links, while developing an awareness and appreciation of internationalism. The curriculum encourages a respect for cultural differences in order for individuals to consider multiple perspectives on a variety of issues. Developing effective communication skills in order to facilitate the communication of new knowledge and learning is a fundamental aspect of the curriculum.

The curriculum is focussed on skills development and the content taught is reviewed every few years to keep the learning material relevant. Although inquiry is still used extensively as an approach to learning, analysis and evaluation start to become the focus of learning as these skills are very important in successfully completing both the IGCSE and IB Diploma Programmes.

MYC Curriculum

Subjects in each group

Language and LiteratureLanguage AcquisitionMathematicsScienceIndividuals and SocietiesArtsPhysical Health and Wellbeing
General MathematicsGeneral ScienceHistory and GeographyVisual Art Performance ArtPhysical Education


Please download the course guide for the specific aims and objectives of each subject
MYC ISHB Student Courses 2014 (PDF)