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Welcome to HBIS & chelo!

Hout Bay international School together with chelo created its own bursary programme.

Currently there are 9 students (from PYP1 through to MYC3) enrolled at Hout Bay International School supported by the chelo programme.

Our Vision:

chelo aims to provide access to a World Class International Education for children from previously disadvantaged communities of Hout Bay.

 Our Mission:

To facilitate the inclusion of students from previously disadvantaged communities of Hout Bay into Hout Bay International School – by providing sustainable financial, social and educational support.

 Our Slogan:

chelo: taking action to include and empower our underprivileged children.

chelo offers the bursary students/families at HBIS, Mentorship, educational equipment, extra murals, stationery, school uniforms, homework support, workshops and more.

The committee consists of volunteers who serve in all areas from office bearers to mentors of the bursary families.

chelo is an official registered NGO –  with tax exemption and donor tax exemption.

Most of the funds for this programme are raised and funded by private sponsors or donors in conjunction with our highly anticipated annual fundraising event (Friday, 2 June,2017).

If you would like more information about the chelo programme, please go to or you may like to consider joining our programme as a volunteer, get in touch with Iris Henkel, 078-457 0047 or send an email to:

Iris Henkel

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chelo: taking action to include and empower our children