From the Principal’s Desk – 22 February, 2018

Dear Parents,

At last week’s Open Day, I was once again reminded of the many positive and wonderful things that happen at HBIS. Comment after comment from prospective families were incredibly positive. For many of our visitors they commented on how confident and knowledgeable our students were and how impressed they were with the teaching and learning that they observed. Sometimes it takes an outsider to remind you of what we have and can be grateful for. Overall the entire Open Day experience was a positive one and I am very proud of the hard work everyone put in to making it the success that it was. I also wish to extended my sincere thanks to the various parents who stepped up and came out to help lend their perspective to the day – your presence was very much appreciated.

Last Saturday also saw the High School students participating in their very first Interhouse event for 2018 – their Athletics day. I was most impressed by their spirit and attitude to just come along and get involved. I was proud of those students who knew that they might not have had the ability or skill to complete an event but chose to participate and earn points for their house. I was proud of the student Heads of Houses who motivated, cajoled and inspired their house mates to get involved and have fun. I was proud of my staff who for the first time in the history of our Athletics day, actually ran a 400m race – what a wonderful way to be positive role models for our students. And finally I was proud of the parents that took the time to come along and support their children.

We often forget that even our High School students are just children – yes including the DP students. And all children like to be acknowledged, encouraged and recognised for their achievements and talents. This was evident by the amount of senior students who would NOT take off their hard earned medals over the course of the day. Just that single sight reminded me of this fact – even a “grumpy” teenager likes to be seen and praised. This also extends to them secretly enjoying the fact that their parents are there cheering them on from the side-lines even though they might have expressed a view that you should not come out and “embarrass them”. They want you there!

This week sees the Junior and Senior Primary Sports days and we are excited to see our younger members of the school out on the track. I wish to encourage as many of our parents to come along and enjoy the day/s supporting and cheering your children and their respective houses. Bring your spirit, buy a house shirt and join us as we celebrate our students.

Kind regards,

Grant Ruskovich